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On Thu, June 7, 2007 20:14, Joe Rodriguez wrote:

I would like to learn how to join this team.  I use the debian installer quite a bit at work for our automated installs and would love to help the team develop this quicker.  Please let me know what I need to do to help.

There's no formal process but you've already taken the first step - mailing this list.


In addition you also have the IRC channel (#debian-boot on which in my experience has the most activity from late evening into late nights (CET).


There's also the wiki page - which contains lots of information (with a varying degree of completeness).


You might find especially interesting.


Basically (this is what I did at least), you check out debian-installer from SVN (see, build some images, hack on it, break it, fix it, build new images, test, create patches, file bug reports on the relevant packages with patches attached, discuss with people here and on IRC, etc.


Just, think of what you would like to fix/improve/implement in debian-installer and then dive right in.

That's the development part of it, there are of course other things which need to be done as well, for example bug triage ( ) and translations (