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The Code::Blocks team

Project Leader

Yiannis Mandravellos (Mandrav)

Location: Greece Role: Project Manager Bio: (Under construction) How he started the project: (Under construction)


Ricardo Garcia (rickg22)

Location: Mexico City Role: All-hands person Bio: Born in 1975, programmer since 12 (his first projects were small games for a bulletin board system). In 1993 he entered the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and joined the independent student research group LINDA, where he researched about Artificial Intelligence and data compression. In 2001, he began studying PHP and XML, where he learned the conce

of multi-tier programming. How he joined:

I was a regular Dev-C++ user. I had used it for some time, and recently had tested its spinoff wx-devc

by Guru Kathiresan. Around 2004, I thought that a C++ IDE should be written in C++ (and not in Delphi), so I began thinking on the idea of a cross-platform IDE. After researching on various free IDE's, I found Code::Blocks and joined in the beginnings of 2005 to help debug and implement one or two features. Since then, I've been using Code::Blocks and never regretted it! :)

Thomas Denk (Thomas)

Location: ? Areas: Core developer Bio: (Not available yet) How he joined the project: (Not available yet)


(in no particular order)

Paul. A. Jimenez (Ceniza)

Location: Pereira/Risaralda - Colombia - South America Role: Plugins developer Bio: Born in 1982. He's currently studying System and Computing Engineering in the UTP (Universidad Tecnol├│gica del Per├║). He has mainly focused in C and C++ and also some Python (Compiler's project @ college). Some libraries he has worked with are Allegro and wxWidgets.

How he joined the project: I was looking for a nice C/C++ IDE for several months and couldn't find anything so I always had to stick with my current IDE and its bugs. Every now and then I retried but always had the same bad luck. Then I found Code::Blocks. My contributions have been bugfixes to bugs I've found, the ASTyle plugin update and currently the help plugin maintenance. Now I'm in because of the help plugin :D

Bartlomiej Swiecki (byo)

Location: Poland Role: Plugins developer (wxSmith visual plugin), unicode converter Bio: (Not available yet) How he joined the project: (Not available yet)

David Perfors (Mispunt)

Location: Holland Role: Beta-tester Bio: (Not available yet) How he joined the project: (Not available yet)

Sylvain Prat (zieQ)

Location: France Role: Plugins developer, MSVC-importer contributor Bio: (Not available yet) How he joined the project: (Not available yet)