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mailbox vs maildir


Are you using Mutt and wondering whether it's better to use mbox (mailbox) or maildir for mail storage?. I hope this post will help you decide. p. Here I publish a simple benchmark results of the time it takes mutt to read/open a folder with 28.000 emails.

p. First, some notes about the tests:

p. Now, the results…

h3. Using mbox

@real    0m1.920s
user    0m1.808s
sys     0m0.112s
h3. Using maildir without header_cache

@real    0m2.599s
user    0m2.092s
sys     0m0.508s
h3. Using maildir with header_cache

@real    0m0.884s
user    0m0.732s
sys     0m0.152s
h3. Conclusion

p. Based on these results, it seems the better choice is to use maildir with header_cache (BTW, header_cache doesn't work with mbox). However, this benchmarks are quite simple and don't cover all the facts so I recommend you to run the following tests before you decide: