| Accepted options: | | invers no comment… | | ypan enable display panning using the VESA protected mode
| interface. The visible screen is just a window of the | video memory, console scrolling is done by changing the | start of the window. | pro: * scrolling (fullscreen) is fast, because there is | no need to copy around data. | * You’ll get scrollback (the Shift-PgUp thing), | the video memory can be used as scrollback buffer | kontra: * scrolling only parts of the screen causes some | ugly flicker effects (boot logo flickers for | example). | | ywrap Same as ypan, but assumes your gfx board can wrap-around | the video memory (i.e. starts reading from top if it | reaches the end of video memory). Faster than ypan. | | redraw scroll by redrawing the affected part of the screen, this | is the safe (and slow) default. | | vgapal Use the standard vga registers for palette changes. | This is the default. | pmipal Use the protected mode interface for palette changes. | | mtrr setup memory type range registers for the vesafb framebuffer. | | vram:n remap ‘n’ MiB of video RAM. If 0 or not specified, remap memory | according to video mode. (2.5.66 patch/idea by Antonino Daplas | reversed to give override possibility (allocate more fb memory | than the kernel would) to 2.4 by