Luminox 表真的不能买!p. 这里有一群老外在05年对 Luminox 发的牢骚贴: FROM: 简单翻译几个 - 大概意思 :)p. –TOP———————————————————————–p. Ok, so like someone deleted that watch thread that was going ‘round a few months back.p. Who here owns a Luminox watch and out of those that do, who has had issues with it?p. In carrying on with Junkesque karma, I have gone through 2 of these fuckless pieces of shit in just the last 3 months (maybe 2 mos). I know some of ya’ll like LandPimp can be hard on their shit like this and they probably haven’t had any issues, so wassup wit dis?p. Those that have ‘em: A. What model? B. Have you had problems?p. 好的,某些人删了那篇手表的帖子后又过了几个月了。p. 这里有谁拥有一块不像那篇帖子中所说的 Luminox 手表,谁曾经讨论过它?p. (Junkesque这句不会),我他妈的戴了两块这样的狗屎整整3个月(哈哈,下面看不懂了)p. 请说出: A. 什么型号? B. 你遇到了什么问题?p. –F.1———————————————————————–p. FYI, mine was the Series 1p. model 3001p. 供你参考,我的是1系,型号是3001p. –F.7———————————————————————–p. As far as the Navy SEAL thing, I got issued a Casio G shock, and an Ironman Triathalon. I did own a Luminox about 8-10 years ago, only issue I can remember is after swimming with it alot, it got condensation inside, I think I just eventually trashed it, it was a cheap watch.p. (前面一句不懂,提到他搞了一块 Casio G shock)。我在8-10年前拥有过一块 Luminox(Made In China 的老仿是2000年后出现的,本帖是2005年发的),有一次游泳后 里面出现了水雾,(不懂),它是一块廉价表(靠,近1万还廉价)。p. –F.8————————————————————————p. … I have learned a lot about watches. The Casio G shock is good. … My Tag has taken pretty good hammering too. Luminox? No spank you…p. … 我学了不少手表方面的知识(跟我一样)。Casio G shock 不错。… 我的什么也有不 少好的什么。Luminox? 绝不可能。(No spank you 应该是 NEVER 的意思)p. –F.22———————————————————————–p. I have had three of these. They suck and suck and suck. Their service has been fast but the damn things always leak. ….p. 我有三块这样的表。它们真他妈的他妈的他妈的烂(意思就是烂到极点,后面的不太懂)。p. ——————————————————————————