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ranger, python, feh, qiv, and awesome

ranger-1.2.1 用 qiv 代替 feh 显示图片

在 awesome 中,图片浏览器 qiv 好在不用作任何额外设置,就能居中显示,但是我就是 没有办法让 feh 也能在 awesome 中自动居中显示。

ranger 默认使用 feh 打开图片文件,不过可以自定义文件打开方式,编辑/新建 ~/.config/ranger/,加入下列代码:

from ranger.defaults.apps import CustomApplications as DefaultApps
from ranger.api.apps import *
class CustomApplications(DefaultApps):
    def app_qiv(self, c):
        f = c.file

        if f.image:
            return self.either(c, 'qiv')

    def app_feh(self, c):
        arg = {1: '-z', 2: '-y', 3: '-x'}

        c.flags += 'd'

        if c.mode in arg: # mode 1, 2 and 3 will set the image as the background
            return tup('qiv', arg[c.mode], c.file.path)
        if c.mode is 11 and len(c.files) is 1: # view all files in the cwd
            images = (f.basename for f in if f.image)
            return tup('qiv', *images)
        return tup('qiv', *c)