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之前一直使用 RTM 服务接受任务到期提醒。

terminal - todo.txt - remind - (awesome WM 提醒)
            ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                                    (iOS/Android 提醒)


  1. 除了 todo.txt 还需要额外维护一个 remind 文件
  2. remember the milk 服务按年收费,属于长期投入

最近发现一个 todo.txt 增强版,以及一个 pushover 服务。结合两者可以实现:

terminal - todo.txt
                        (iOS/Android 提醒)


  1. todo.txt 易用性实用性美观性得到极大改善

    m:marker and m:(a marker with spaces), especially
    A:2012-04-01 ... Z:2012-01-01 prioritize on date.
    d:2012-12-12 deprioritize after date.
    a:42         "also, <a href>" related to task number. No action on do and trash.
    a:(gg foo)   explicit search URL for the browse action.
    l:42         unidirectionally linked to task number, which becomes done (but not
                 trashed) recursively.
                 There is no marker for bidirectional linking; if you want to mark
                 one task done when another is done and vice versa, they are
                 probably duplicates, and one of them should be deleted.
                 Alternatively, cross-link them separately: dup link 42 43
    k:42         kill task number, which is trashed when this task is done.
    j:42         bidirectionally joined / contradependent with task number;
                 when one is done, the other(s) are trashed recursively.
    j:goal       joined to goal; when this is done, other tasks with the same goal
                 are trashed.
    t:2010-10-10 future task becomes due on the date, created via schedule
    u:2011-12-01 do-until, ultimate, latest due date until the task should have been
    w:42         waiting for task number, created via wait ITEM# for 42
    w:Gina       waiting for person / event, created via wait ITEM# Gina
    x:42         trash as a duplicate of task 42; useful as an alternative to
        dup del when editing in other clients.
    x:2011-12-01 trash on date.
    z:2011-12-01 do-until-then-trash, ultimate, latest due date; after it, the task
                 is trashed.
  2. pushover 服务免费,客户端安装时一次性收费(¥30)

todo.txt (增强版)并没有默认支持 pushover,找了一个简易版 todo.txt 的插件并改造了一下: