SoftEther 编译报错的问题

SoftEther 在 Linux 下需要手动编译安装。不管是 官网 还是 Github, 下载的源码都无法成功编译,提示以下错误, 官网 (softether-vpnclient-v4.22-9634-beta-2016.11.27-linux-x64-64bit.tar.gz) ...(略) ranlib code/vpnclient.a gcc code/vpnclient.a -O2 -fsigned-char -pthread -m64 -lm -ldl -lrt -lpthread -L./ lib/libssl.a

如何取消对 WoSign&StartCom&CNNIC 证书的信任

% diff /etc/ca-certificates.conf.orig /etc/ca-certificates.conf 48c48 < mozilla/CNNIC_ROOT.crt --- > #mozilla/CNNIC_ROOT.crt 134,136c134,136 < mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority_2.crt < mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority.crt < mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority_G2.crt --- > #mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority_2.crt > #mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority.crt > #mozilla/StartCom_Certification_Authority_G2.crt 181,182c181,182 < mozilla/WoSign_China.crt < mozilla/WoSign.crt --- > #mozilla/WoSign_China.crt > #mozilla/WoSign.crt 185,186c185,186 < mozilla/CA_WoSign_ECC_Root.crt < mozilla/Certification_Authority_of_WoSign_G2.crt --- > #mozilla/CA_WoSign_ECC_Root.crt > #mozilla/Certification_Authority_of_WoSign_G2.crt % sudo update-ca-certificates


@ref: One approach is to add an @reboot cron task: Running crontab -e will allow you to edit your cron. Adding a line like this to it: @reboot /path/to/script will execute that script once your computer boots up. Run on actual reboot, rather than cron restart static void run_reboot_jobs(db) cron_db *db; { register user *u; register entry *e; int rbfd; #ifdef DEBIAN #define REBOOT_FILE "